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Selecting the food for our guests is usually quite a difficult endeavor. On one hand, we want to give them something new and amazing, and allow them to go on a culinary adventure with us. On the other hand, we want everybody to love the food we worked so hard to offer.

How can you solve this intricate scenario? Well, very simply; just call CRACK’D and let us work our magic. Yes, our menu offers everything from our wildest, most delicious creations to tested-and-true classics. Moreover, everything we do is fresh, locally sourced, and delicious.

Hire CRACK’D for your next catering service and feed your guests timeless classics blended with wild creations that will melt their palate. World-class catering services by CRACK’D are always one click, phone call, or email away.

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Catering is a business based entirely on attention to detail. Yes, most caterers will attend your catering event with some good dishes and provide good service. Yet, they won’t engage the wow factor that will keep your guests talking about your party, corporate event, or rendezvous for days or even weeks.

Our catering menu Peabody, on the other hand, offers enough out-of-this-world tastes and thoughtful dishes to wow even the most adventurous guest list. Yes, we offer menus for on-site catering, on-site catering bbq events, and a plethora of other options that can accommodate any gatherings and parties of any and all kinds. Finally, our team of notables is the best in the Boston area; we’re very proud to match the quality of our food with the kindness, reliability, soft skills, and impeccable service of our staff. That is how far our attention to detail goes; we take everything to eleven.

If you truly want to take your event to the next level, you need to hire CRACK’D services.


Our cuisine is ready for weddings, backyard get-togethers, or any other event. Yes, we cater services from a top-notch chef in many different combinations that can accommodate all budget options. Furthermore, if you take a quick look at our catering menu, you’ll see our barbecue services are coupled with delicious salads for those who can’t or don’t want to eat meat. Furthermore, speaking of that, we specialize in variety by offering vegetarian, vegan, fat, and gluten-free options.

We take a lot of pride in serving companies because we are thrilled to have your trust and love to exceed your expectations by delivering delicious food on time, every time. Moreover, all our dishes are sourced entirely in Boston. This translates into fresh ingredients served by the best team in the business. Yes, you can order anything from us, from sandwich platters to lunch boxes, to a larger version of the grain bowl or salad that calls your attention the most and everything will be locally sourced.

Finally, we take the food to the site with our exclusive drop-off service or you can pick it up from our location if that is more suitable for your needs.

At CRACK’D we want to offer our family of customers the best food and the best service in Peabody, MA. Come see us, drop by our restaurant, and have a taste of the wonderful food your guests can enjoy at your party.


Cooking dinner for a reduced number of people is one skill; cooking for a catering company is a completely different one. Yes, special events, birthday parties, corporate events, or any large event requires more than just food from the restaurant. We have to deliver top-notch service with steps such as rehearsal dinner sessions, food tastings, and multiple meetings to ensure success. We do that. 

We do it because we always go the extra mile and because we care about you and your guests. Simply put, we offer the best catering service in Peabody because we love what we do. A great example of this is our passion for sourcing all our ingredients locally. Yes, as part of the Peabody community, we want CRACK’D to give back to the people who embrace our services. Therefore, every ingredient in every dish you order for your event comes from the very soil we step on every day.

Sourcing locally isn’t always the cheapest or less complicated option; on the contrary, we face and overcome many obstacles daily because of this decision. Yet, we don’t like shortcuts, we are in love with the food we serve because everything is fresh, and tasty, and nourishes our clients as much as our community.

Don’t hire a service that sells food that has been frozen in the back of a truck for a week; buy from CRACK’D and do your bit to help your community too. Contact us today!


So far, you must have encountered some surprises like our local sourcing of ingredients and the possibility of a rehearsal dinner. Yet, we kept something for the end; we have an ace up our sleeve. Yes, if you’re hosting an event that’s outside and you want your meals catered differently surprising your guests, you can hire the almighty, utterly-cool Yolkswagen! What is the Yolkswagen, you might ask while scratching the top of your head?

Well, it’s the vehicle we created at CRACK’D to offer our service at specific events. Yes, if you’re a person looking for a relaxed business atmosphere, you can contact us and hire the Yolkswagen to serve your guests creatively. Furthermore, the Yolkswagen offers you and your guests a grill service to serve hot food on the spot as well as most dishes in our catering menu, made with the best ingredients in Massachusetts.

Our company is ready to create a great experience, facilitate an unbeatable easygoing atmosphere, and deliver the best food in Peabody, MA. We are open and waiting for you to come to see us so you can try our delicious food, meet our world-class staff, and find out more about our unique concept. 

We live by our motto: “We are only as good as the last meal we put out” and we like to think we are kind of spectacular, and so are our dishes.

Drop by whenever it’s convenient for you, get a grasp of our services, and become part of the CRACK’D family. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’re waiting for you, come visit us today!