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The best lunch restaurants fulfill the vital duty of serving the most important meal of the day to customers.

Why is lunch so important, you might ask?

Well, according to recent studies, lunch is the most important meal to have a successful, energized, productive day. Furthermore, if you eat a healthy, locally-sourced, handmade lunch chances are you’ll be energized and wear a big smile for the rest of the day.

That is what CRACK’D brings to Peabody as a lunch restaurant; a healthy menu, state-of-the-art facilities, and the best team in the business to provide you the world-class service you deserve every noon. Come see us today and stay healthy, happy, and active for longer with our lunch options.


Even those with the capacity to have their lunch at the best lunch restaurants in Peabody sometimes overlook this important meal. You might have heard it too; some people claim that eating a large meal they would enjoy from the menu of any eating place will prevent them from performing at their best during the afternoon. This is a common-knowledge myth: any good selection from the menu of lunch restaurants will make you feel too heavy to carry on with the day. What if I tell you that our body works exactly the opposite way?

If you deprive your organism of food during such a long period as it is from breakfast to dinner, you’ll be affecting your performance negatively. According to a recent study by the CDC, skipping meals harmed the performance of college students when compared to those who didn’t skip any meals. This can be translated into, perhaps, one of the biggest myth-busters of all time: you need to eat lunch to face the rest of the day with enough energy. Moreover, you need to eat lunch at a place that can offer you enough healthy choices to eat plenty and feel energized but light to go back to work.

Come have lunch with us at CRACK’D and let us help you have a great, productive day with delicious, healthy options for every day. Plus, you’ll receive our world-class attention; you’ll walk in as a customer and walk out as a member of the CRACK’D family.

We are your new favourite option for lunch Peabody. Come see us today and try our chicken sandwich or any of the other great creations on our menu. You can sit outside at no extra charge and have the delicious meal you ordered under the sun. Take your days to the next level by having lunch with us at CRACK’D!


Whether you like Italian seafood, pizza, salads, or healthy big dishes for lunch, we have an option for you on our menu. Furthermore, we are confessed breakfast lovers and make our state-of-the-art egg sandwiches with cage-free eggs that feature the yellowest yolk you’ve ever seen. To say more, we are so in love with our breakfast creations that we offer them all day long. 

Moreover, whatever you have in our restaurant is cooked using ingredients sourced right here in MA. This applies to every meal and beverage including dinner, desserts, coffee, tea, Italian food like our egg noodles, and our fabulous brioche bread. So, whether you decide to come by any afternoon to have some coffee on your way home or want to try our delicious cocktails or Italian food with friends, you don’t need reservations. The new restaurant by CRACK’D in Peabody welcomes you to one of its many different areas to have a great time.

Come visit us today and find out about the new best lunch option that just opened up in Peabody.


Our menu is home to a plethora of different dishes that will make your palate melt. Our specialties like the mein crispy noodle, the soft noodles lunch, mixed vegetables lunch, or even garlic sauce lunch make perfect options to have a lunch break and go back to work with a huge smile. Moreover, our chow mein crispy mixes the best of China’s most famous noodle recipes with some crispiness that takes it to the next level. Yet, if you don’t like the crispy addition, you can have mein soft noodles or a lunch combination plate where you can taste more than one of our restaurant’s creations. 

Unlike other restaurants, we offer great culinary creations that are based on three main pillars:

  • Give you healthy energy – Our menu was created with breakfast and lunch energy needs in mind. Therefore, you can come to eat our healthy lunch options, packed with vitamins and proteins, and continue your day with a smile.
  • Give you amazing options – We all associate healthy food with boring tastes, colors, and textures. Well, CRACK’D is here to revolutionize that category by offering you dishes like our oyster sauce lunch and lobster sauce lunch which are healthy, packed with vitamins, and delicious.
  • Work with the best ingredients – At CRACK’D, we feel part of Peabody. Because of that, we want to give back to the community by sourcing every ingredient from local providers. That way, we ensure the optimum quality of every meal and help local businesses and colleagues make a living.

We are in Peabody to revolutionize the way you eat in the city. Come have lunch at your local CRACK’D today and taste what makes our restaurant the best in the area.


Regardless if you love Mediterranean, South American, or African food, you’ll surely love our menu. We put a lot of thought into what is offered under our restaurant’s name and are very proud of our options. Indeed, our menu represents the variety of our delicious dishes. For example, our heavy-hitter classics like our egg sandwiches with bacon coexist with our Bella’s Chicken sandwich with mozzarella, tomato, arugula, balsamic glaze, and pesto aioli over locally-sourced chicken inside locally-made to-die-for brioche bread. 

Also, for those who want something healthier and lighter, our Santa Fe bowl with a base of quinoa and rice blend, grilled corn, grape tomatoes, arugula, smashed avocado, pepper and sweet potato hash, romaine, chipotle aioli, and smoked chipotle dressing is an epic win. In a nutshell, we can offer you the best options for lunch Peabody regardless of what you’re looking for.

Come visit us today, fill your body with the energy that it needs to carry on with the day, and marvel your senses with our extraordinary dishes. Become a regular and make lunch the most-awaited moment in your day. 

Have lunch with us at CRACK’D every day of the week!