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We value our vendor relationships and know that open and active communication is going to benefit all parties.  We commit to only seeking out partners that are as passionate about the products as we are.

Coffee Roaster

Hometown Coffee Roasters

"NH Roasted in Small Batches. Each batch is hand-crafted in our roasting facility. Small-batch roasting allows us to perfect the quality and consistency of each batch."

Owner, Mike Brown, and his team are focused on creating a memorable cup of coffee and we appreciate every drop. Check out their new Roastery and Coffee Bar open to the public!

80 Old Granite Street
Manchester, NH
(603) 703-2321

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Fresh Bread

 Iggy's Bread of the World

"We make old-fashioned, naturally leavened, hearth-baked breads that are delivered fresh everyday. We honor and respect the time it takes to make good bread. We use the finest quality ingredients that we can obtain."

Iggy's delivers to us bright and early every morning so that we can bring our customers the egg sandwiches they truly deserve. The delicious brioche, 7 grain and baguettes are all supplied by Iggy's! Yum!

130 Fawcett Street 
Cambridge, MA
(617) 294-0949

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Delicious Dairy

Cabot Cheese

"Cabot Creamery Co-op remains committed to the betterment of our communities where we farm and where our products are made, bought, and sold. This commitment is woven into the fabric of who we are."

Cabot has been producing cheese for over a century to supply the community with farm fresh cheeses. The spicy Pepper Jack and sharp Cheddar are both supplied by Cabot! 

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Something Sweet

Sugar Moon Sweets

"Self-taught, Alicia pursued cookie perfection! Alicia’s amazing attention to detail, whimsical designs, strict adherence to the best ingredients, and overall joy of this craft shines through in everything she whips up."

Sugar Moon Sweets makes our egg shaped CKC Cookies, as well as our holiday treats! All of the cookies are made from scratch and are hand decorated locally in New Hampshire! The delicious sugar cookie base topped with a royal icing is a staple here a Crack'd!

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